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Modafinil for Alertness

Modafinil was originally created to counter narcolepsy and sleep disorders, but it has also been found to be highly effective for alertness.

Clinical Studies

Several clinical studies have shown that modafinil has cognitive enhancing properties.

In one study, participants were given 100mg of modafinil in a double-blind placebo-controlled study. Both groups were tested for neuropsychological performances both before and three hours after administration of the medication.

Results showed that a single dose of modafinil improves cognitive performance.

In 2015, researchers reviewed 24 independent studies on Modafinil to determine what findings were shared between them.

Results showed that the longer and more complex the task was, the more pronounced the effects of Modafinil were on cognition.


This is purely anecdotal but I find Modafinil puts you in a position to focus--it's still up to you to do it. It is not a miracle drug, but it can work miracles for you if you are ready to put in the work. Supreme effort is still required on your part.

Modafinil won't give you focus, but it will keep you focused (for hours) once you start doing something.

This exactly, for me. It doesn't help with motivation to start doing something - but its extremely effecting allowing me to CONTINUE doing something I'm already doing.

I don't find many 'stray thoughts' that distract me when I'm on it. Hunger dies down, the desire to find something interesting to think about does too. And, when I'm done a project, I still find I have a lot of mental energy left.

Speaking from only personal experience - modafinil helps me to focus but its effectiveness is greatly influenced by the type of "unfocus" I am facing.

Software developer here. Modafinal dials me in for hours. I concentrate better and longer. Written some of my best code with Modafinals help.

Cannot speak for others, but it has been amazing for me. I take 50-60 mg most days right after getting up.

I just tried it for the first time today and it lasted me 4-5 hours. I took 100mg and felt very focused, but noticed it started to wear out after the 5th hour. I hope this helps.

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