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Modafinil for Studying

While modafinil was initially developed to treat narcolepsy, it has found a new life as a ‘smart drug' used to increase cognition, alertness, and mental acuity. It is not surprise that it has found itself heralded as the ultimate study drug.

Dosage for Studying

The recommended dosage for adults and teenagers 17 years or over for Modafinil is 200mg per day, with the maximum dosage being 400mg per day.

However, there have been no deaths as a result of modafinil, even when people have been given 40 times the recommended dosage (8,000mg). It is generally considered safe for you to dose as you see fit.

Since the effects of modafinil last for 12 hours, it is recommended that you take it in the morning, or one hour before your study period begins.

Reviews from Students

It just keeps me alert and awake. I don’t really get tired and i can actually focus in lesson and when revising whereas before i was always drifting off and not taking anything in.

I've used it quite a few times when I have to study for exams. I can go on and off it easily, with no negative effects. It does build up a tolerance quickly (meaning more dosage to get the same desired effect), so only take them when you need to like I do. Modafinil doesn't help me focus but it really keeps me awake.

It really gets you to work on your studies. I found it most helpful when drinking TONS of water along with it. It made the difference between me failing and passing on two classes. It was extremely effective for me, mileage and results may vary. Take it 3 days a week and space it out because tolerance builds on this stuff.

I take 200mgx2 modafinil and it works perfect for me.

I've used modafinil before. Not frequently, but a few times when I had a lot to get done and I needed to focus. In my experience, it makes it easier to focus, and harder to be distracted. If you have a todo list and know what needs to get done, it makes it easier to block out distractions.

Hey, i would defo recommend it for studying but it depends on what kind of study. For example i dont know how it effects retaining information, however for me, with coding, i can be stuck on a problem for hours then i take a moda, and i think about the problem in a different, more logical manner and solve it.

I'm a PhD student and I take modafinil every so often when I need to get a solid day of work done (normally when a deadline is approaching...). My concentration lasts a lot longer.

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